March 2024

January and February were fairly quiet for once, but the new year always starts with me paying a substantial tax bill. The Inland Revenue Department must have me confused with someone wealthy. Also time for my twice-yearly medical check. No diabetes, liver and kidneys surviving, cholesterol a little elevated – doing my best with the red wine to force it down.

In November I had suffered my first ever bout of bronchitis, which in turn triggered my first burst of asthma. December and January clear but wouldn’t you know February brought the same duo again. Back to O’Tremba to fix it all for the second time. You go 75 years without either then bang, twice in the space of four months.

The closing ceremony of Operation Santa Claus took place in Crown Wine Cellars, reminded me of old friend Jim Thompson (who also attended) because that’s where he hosted the victory party after I won the lawsuit over HarbourFest back in 2008. Lectured again at HKUST, something I always enjoy. The students seem to like it too as they always ask lots of questions.

An old friend from early ICAC days, Francis Lee, unfortunately killed himself and I attended the funeral at the Catholic Cathedral. So sad, my second funeral in just a few weeks.

February is birthday month: my goddaughter Hedwig on 14th, eldest son Vincent on 19th, and daughter Tiffany on 27th. Instead of my traveling to Bangkok to celebrate with Vincent and family, we agreed to postpone until late March so I can escort Marion back. Also the Lunar New Year where we distributed lucky money packets to the occupants of our three street sleepers shelters.

Quite a lot going on for a quiet spell.