September 2023

A very quiet spell for the Hong Kong-based family members in July and August. The trip to UK last December and the regional trips in the first half took the urgency out of the “revenge travel” urges.

Former Invest Hong Kong colleague from our Singapore consultant’s office, Jasmine Cheng, visited and it was fun to catch up over lunch. The Women’s Football World Cup provided some welcome entertainment. Tiffany actually visited New Zealand and Australia for a work/leisure trip and attended China-England plus the 3rd place play-off and final matches. Alex meanwhile was holidaying in Europe with friends.

Highlight of the period was Alex’ return to Hong Kong for six weeks (late July to early September). He is a very mature young man now who knows his own mind. Returned to UK for his final year at Coventry University. He is already receiving job offers for part-time during study and full time after graduation. Tiffany was being headhunted again (more next time). Fanny’s best friend from childhood, Chau, stayed with us for six weeks, first time since before the pandemic.

Now bracing for a busier period to come.