July 2023

In May and June life in Hong Kong continued its return to normal, and the pace picked up.

Flushed with the success of our visit to Shenzhen, Marion and I went there again, this time just for dinner with Victor and family, returning the same day. Visitors from out of town included former colleague and friend from Canada Jennifer Chan (lunch) and old friend from UK Anthony Griffiths (breakfast). There was a burst of evening social events: the EU Reception; Ningxia wine dinner; News Executives annual dinner; Executives Global Network meeting/dinner; Asia Society book launch; Israel Consulate; US Consulate; Sing Tao person of the Year. Great that people are meeting socially again, not helpful for the waistline.

Wife Fanny went off to Israel for 10 days to visit all the locations with religious significance. I finally caught up with Thai-based grandchildren on a one-week trip to Bangkok. Alyssa turned 16 in June, Liora 10, Joshua will be 14 in October. A check on dates in the passport showed it had been three and a half years since I last saw them all, plus son Vincent and daughter-in-law Emi, in the flesh. The latter also came to Hong Kong for a few days at the end of June.

That’s much more like normality, but at the same time a reminder of all we have been missing.