May 2021

It is a sign of how used we are all becoming to the ravages of the pandemic and the impact of the social restrictions that March and April passed “smoothly”. Only in the sense that Tiffany was able to eventually get a flight back to LA in early March to resume her studies there (final year!) and Alex completed his first year at Coventry (on-line of course, he has yet to set foot in the place).

One small triumph: at the end of March I enjoyed a “staycation” – a holiday away from home but without leaving Hong Kong. A full 24 hours in Tai O on Lantau Island with overnight stay. I had recently visited a school there (a customer for the Swedish company for which I recently became a director, as mentioned in previous report) but this time I was able to tour round the whole town – places I hadn’t seen for 40 years! Some new developments – conversion of the old police station into a heritage hotel, for example – but what really struck me the most was how much was unchanged. For most of Tai O, time has simply stood still.

Upon return to California, Tiffany had become the first member of the family to get vaccinated (in her case, the Johnson and Johnson “one and done” vaccine) while Alex and I both registered in Hong Kong for the BioNTech. I had my two shots on 11 April and 2 May, Alex is about 10 days behind me. Yet to be coaxed over the line are Fanny, and our helper Marilina. But we won’t give up!