January 2021

The whole world could not wait to see the back of 2020. The number of COVID-19 infections and deaths grew exponentially everywhere. In the final weeks came news of vaccines, but manufacturing them in sufficient quantities, distributing them securely (the first two types to be approved require very cold storage), persuading people to accept the jab, and getting it into peoples’ arms all presented challenges. In Hong Kong the disruptive lockdown continues. My body has forgotten what the gym looks like and the swimming pool is a distant memory.

One piece of good news in early November was the defeat of the poisonous Donald Trump in the US presidential election. It will take years for American prestige to be restored, if indeed it ever can be. On a personal note, it looks as though the eye operation in early November has done the trick, still holding up well at time of writing.

One item I left out of previous reports concerns my appointment by my nephew, Andy Reid (daughter of late sister Lynda) as director in his Swedish company Essemce AG. I was able to help nail down a contract the company had secured from a mainland group. All being well I should be in line for a visit to the mainland when the project is completed (assuming travel restrictions allow) and – who knows – maybe a board meeting in Sweden!