September 2020

Plenty going on in the world in July and August. The pandemic roared on with numbers more than doubling to over 25 million. Hong Kong continued to be hit but total caseload still below 5,000. Deaths unfortunately started to climb, into the 90s which was regrettable but still low on a per capita basis. The social restrictions were toughened, no more than two people in a group for meals or indeed any other activity. Swimming pools and gyms remained closed which hit my health and fitness levels really hard. Even when the gyms were allowed to reopen in early September, attendance was severely restricted and mask wearing was compulsory. A guarantee of cardiac arrest in my case.

Two big items on the personal front: Tiffany came back from LA and after two weeks in a local hotel for quarantine was allowed to join us at home. Alex has been back home for a while now. His place at Coventry University for the next academic year was finally confirmed. For myself, a stroke of bad luck as the “sling” (artificial eyelid muscle) installed last year behind my left eye broke and the debris was removed in late August. Another operation to install a new one seems likely down the road.