May 2020

The whole world went crazy in March and April as the coronavirus now formally called COVID 19 spread globally, infecting over 4 million people and killing over 300,000. Mercifully Hong Kong has up to now been spared the worst, with a little over 1,000 cases and just four deaths. Many of the new cases have been “imported” as local residents returned home from countries which handled the disease less well, or were less fortunate. Since some had fled Hong Kong to go somewhere deemed “safe”, their return was somewhat ironic. People were urged to work from home whenever possible, avoid crowded places, and a whole variety of facilities, whether privately or publicly owned, were ordered to close.

On the personal front, my broken leg healed quickly and my sprained ankle improved steadily. I badly missed use of the Football Club gym and swimming pool while they were closed throughout the period, happily reopened in early May. Son Alex returned from UK when his college switched to online classes, daughter Tiffany stayed marooned in Los Angeles but not before deciding to buy a car (!). None of us seem to have caught the disease so far (touch wood). Fanny and the children heavily masked up at all times, even self had to soften opposition and wear one on the MTR.