May 2019

March saw the third – and hopefully final – operation on my left eye and April was devoted to recovering. The cyst was successfully removed in the first operation in January, but the attempt to provide an artificial eyelid muscle (known in the business as a “sling”) made of silicon in a February operation did not work, hence the need for a second attempt. That seems to have done the trick: both eyes open and close either separately or together on my command rather than their own free will. While I fell in love with the beautiful surgeon (Dr Janice Cheung) I am hoping the appointment set for Friday 10th will be the last, at least in a medical context. The way is now clear for me to resume the oft postponed diet. Wonder if I’ll stick to it this time. Right at the beginning of May I tried the amazing High Speed Train service to Beijing in time for grandson Dan’s fifth birthday (nine hours door to door). I also took the chance to treat second son Victor to a birthday lunch (he being 41 on 28th). I still feel bad about not making it for his 40th last year when I was in UK for Faye’s wedding.