Eye Catcher

Life for me in the first two months of 2019 has revolved around surgery to my left eye. It was first operated on more than 65 years ago in London, and the situation stabilised for more than half a century. Suddenly in 2018 something began to grow slightly behind and to the side of the eye. Friends alerted me that something did not look quite right and finally in December I sought medical advice. I saw the QMH/HKU eye expert on my 70th birthday.

An MRI conducted on New Year’s Eve, and repeated in early January, showed a large growth there which was beginning to push my eye to one side. The growth – referred to as either a cyst or a tumour – was removed under general anaesthetic in a four-hour operation on 25 January, and was sent to the laboratory for biopsy. Fortunately it turned out to be benign. However, it was discovered that the cyst had also absorbed the muscle to the left eyelid. A second operation was carried out on 1 February to insert an artificial muscle made of silicon. This procedure took two and a half hours and involved sedation, that is I was put to sleep for a time while some holes were made in my face, then brought back to consciousness so the doctors could talk to me mid-way through. However the new muscle has proven only partly successful, and a decision on a possible third operation will be made mid-month.

I hope you found the excuse for winking at everyone convincing!