The final quarter of 2018 was a very lively time for me, highlighted by my 70th birthday on 21 December, celebrated on 28th of the month to coincide with the 46th anniversary of my arrival in Hong Kong.

The celebration was held at the Enchanted Garden restaurant in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Some 80 people attended, including my brother Tim and his wife Ann from UK, my best friend from school Gerry and his wife Judy also from UK, and my brother-in-law Rob from his post in the British Embassy in Delhi (Rob had also visited in November). Close relatives included my ex Marion, our children Vincent (from Bangkok) with his family, and Victor (from Beijing) with his family, my wife Fanny Wong and our children Tiffany (back from UCLA) and Alex now in his final year at high school in Hong Kong.

The Wong tribe was well represented, together with members of the Executive Committee of the Street Sleepers’ Shelter Society Trustees Incorporated and many other friends.

Highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the birthday song composed by Vincent, sung lustily by all four children and three of the grandchildren. A truly memorable occasion, photos plus a clip of the von Rowse family singers all on my Facebook page.