Happy New Year

The year just finished, 2017, was an extremely active one for me as you might have expected, and the final two weeks were especially busy.

The main tasks this year were to get Tiffany settled into the University of California Los Angeles and Alex started on the two years of the International Baccalaureate programme at Elsa High School. The parents’ job is essentially done, now it is mostly up to them to carve out their own futures, though of course with further parental support if necessary.

TA Communications continues to be very successful which given the level of UCLA fees is helpful to say the least. For my part, Treloar Enterprises continues to hover on the verge of great commercial success. Here’s to a profitable 2018.

On 21 December I turned 69, and exactly one week later on 28th I celebrated the 45th anniversary of my arrival in Hong Kong. We delayed the birthday dinner until the latter date so all three children based overseas could return to Hong Kong – with their families if appropriate – to join Alex to make up a full team of four. So there were Vincent and Emi from Bangkok with Alyssa, Joshua and Liora, Victor from Beijing with Lisa and Dan, Tiffany by herself from Los Angeles. So altogether four children and four grandchildren – there was quite a party at the Explorers’ Lodge Hotel at Hong Kong Disneyland, still a source of much pride to the old man.

I am not sure how much ravel I will undertake this year, though there is a commitment to go to the UK for Fay’s wedding in May. It will be my first trip for a couple of years so will make a point of looking in at Kew Gardens to find the bench dedicated to my Mum and sister Lynda, both alas lost too soon.

I am typing this from the office on New Year’s Day. I developed the practice many years ago of popping in to the workplace on the first of January so that by the time things were buzzing again with everyone back at least my desk and mind were clear. At least that’s the theory! Once again my resolution is to lose weight – let’s hope it goes better this time.

Happy New Year!