Normal Life?

As envisaged in my last diary update, we escorted Tiffany to Los Angeles in late September for her to begin life as a university student there. Her chosen subject is filmmaking and she clearly has the entertainment industry in mind for a career in future. If there are any other budding Harvey Weinsteins out there, take note here is one father who is not going to stand idly by, not that she is incapable of taking care of herself: she has already signed up to play rugby for UCLA and has taken part in her first match there.

The impact of the summer’s trips was also clear on son Alex. Fired up with the images of colleges he might be able to enter in two years’ time, he has returned to his high school with redoubled energy and application. His mid-term report was his best ever (and far better than anything his father ever achieved).

As chance would have it, I have been watching the Castle series on DVD again from scratch and have just reached the episode where Alexis went off to college. I thought it a bit exaggerated first time round when father Richard wept as he left the campus. Seeing the repeat in light of my own changed circumstances, I’m not so sure.

Quasi brother-in-law Rob visited in October. I respect him so much for all he has done in life despite being handicapped from birth. Most of all I thank him for taking care of my sister Lynda during the last nine years of her life struggling with cancer. So over 20 years later he is always welcome to visit, arriving this year from his consular posting in Delhi.

We went – as has become our custom – walking on Lamma Island. I always like to start at the northern end in Yung Shue Wan, and walk to Hung Shing Ye beach for a swim in the sea. Then a rinse off in the fabulous freshwater showers (well done LCSD!) followed by the remainder of the walk bringing us to Sok Kwu Wan for seafood lunch. We followed the usual route and pattern, which reminded me I only do this when Rob visits. Why? We live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world which is blessed with proximity to rural areas of outstanding beauty and excellent hiking opportunities. Yet we spend nearly all our time hunched up in the urban area. Ridiculous!

My resolution for 2018 is already clear. In addition to the usual one about losing weight, I am determined to GET OUT MORE.