Where Does The Time Go?

Where Does The Time Go?

I think it is John Lennon who is normally quoted as having said life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. According to an article in the Huffington Post, the phrase had in fact been coined many years earlier by someone else, though the late Beatle did work it into the lyrics of one of his songs so perhaps more people heard it from him than the originator. Be that as it may, another year has come and gone and by golly I have only a hazy memory of what my targets had been as 2014 dawned.

One thing is for certain, I certainly failed to achieve most of them! One area of moderate success was finally dragging my weight down to a reasonable level with the help of a diet contrived by my second son, Victor. Basically zero carbs (no rice, bread, pasta, potatoes etc) but fruit, nuts, meat and veg plus a bottle of wine a day. Well that last bit was a concession to persuade me to stick to the rest of it. And it worked. From a peak of 100 kg I slimmed down to 79 plus a little, and even after the inevitable bounce back I have levelled off at a respectable – though still well rounded – 82.

When the time is right, for example when one or two of the 10 big business deals I have been involved with finally comes to fruition, I plan to resume the diet, sans alcohol, and finally get down to around 75 kg. Meanwhile the much reduced weight on my knees has enabled me to start running outside again, 10 km every Sunday now, and with an eye to the Standard Chartered Marathon (10 km section) next year, a return to the half marathon fray in 2017 and – who knows – even a bid for a first ever full marathon when I enter my 70th year in 2018.

Now up to four grandchildren, and the jig is not up yet, so maybe 2014 was more successful than I realise. Happy New Year for 2015, and for the Year of the Ram (Lunar calendar) coming soon.