What Matters In Life

There have been two very ordinary changes in my life over the past few months. I say ordinary, because they are not headline grabbing. But at the same time they are extremely important and viewed carefully lend a proper perspective to what really matters in life.

The most important was the birth on 2 May of my fourth grandchild, Dan Alexander Rowse. He is the first child of my second son, Victor, and his wife Lisa (Lisa also has two lovely children from a previous marriage).

Now I already have three grandchildren, from my first son Vincent and his wife Emi. Alyssa and Joshua have been in Tokyo this past three years, and Liora was born there last year. I have seen the first two in Tokyo when I went for a holiday, and all three here in Hong Kong when the family popped back for a visit.

So the next generation of Rowses was well established before Dan put in an appearance. But there is something about an addition from a different son that somehow makes the whole dynasty thing that bit more secure.

The second thing that has been happening is that I have through choice been losing a great deal of weight (down 17 kg as at the end of April) thanks to a diet I have been following since 1 October 2013 as recommended by Victor. I plan to lose another 8kg in the coming months. Already my health has seen a major improvement: I skip up and down stairs again instead of looking desperately for an escalator or a lift. I am planning to live long enough to see my teenage children Tiffany and Alex grow up and add further to the stock of my grandchildren in their turn.

It is that ambition that has caused me to work so hard to lose weight. So the circle of life can continue.