All In The Family

The months of May and June 2013 have been dominated by the addition of children to the Rowse extended family.

Second son Victor finally got married – to the lovely Lisa Tian. The two first met some years ago while working together in a Shanghai consulting firm. Vic chose 28 May – his own 35th birthday – to wed, presumably as an aid to remembering future wedding anniversaries.

Lisa brings with her two young children from a previous marriage. I will finally get to meet them in September when there is a banquet in Guilin to follow up the brief City Hall ceremony which I attended. As a proud grandfather I am hoping the meal will be followed by some more tribe members…

Not to be outshone, Vincent’s wife Emi gave birth in June (a full four weeks early) to their third child, Liora, sister for Alyssa and Joshua. I suspect that’s where they’ll draw the line. So Vic’s first would level the match at three all, and who knows, he could go for an extra time winner.

All this talk of children makes me feel quite nostalgic. Is it time for the old knight to reenter the lists?

On the political front, news has been dominated by the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden about widespread spying by American agencies all over the world. Non-Americans everywhere (i.e. those being spied on) did not seem very impressed by the argument that these measures to protect Americans had been authorized under domestic US law.